AD99 Solutions offers two programs, Prep Forward and Community Engagement. All programs and services are free and designed to educate, engage, and empower Pittsburgh's underserved youth and communities. As the organization evolves, plans include the construction of a free-standing sports complex to house all activities.

Prep Forward

Prep Forward is a preparatory training program offered to select African American student-athletes, ages 13-18, throughout Allegheny County. The curriculum bridges the gap between traditional education and the real world. The aim is to holistically prepare students and their families for the rigors of higher education, the demands of an evolving job market, and the complexities of a changing world.


Community Engagement

The goals of the Community Engagement services are two-fold. To contribute to underprivileged youth's holistic development, helping them become well-adjusted contributors to society. And, to support communities through education, advocacy, and resource allocation by partnering with national companies, local businesses, schools, and organizations with similar interest in empowering youth.